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The Benton City Kid
a.k.a the Cappuccino-Cowboy

If ever you should find yourself in Benton City of Benton County in Washington State. not too far from where they race the big hydroplanes on the Columbia River, stop in at the 'Bear Hut' for a chicken-fried steak. Best in the whole world! Tell 'em that the Cowgirl sent you!

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Hello O'Canada, we stand on guard for thee!!! Raised in Ottawa, Ontario and still brings tears to my eyes when I hear God save the Queen. I'll let you know when they get here. I'm a long way from home. Many regards, Monika.

- Letter above is to the Cowgirl from a photo collector in California, November 15th, 2006

Thanks for the info....... How cold are things in your neck of the woods now? I know what we think of as cold you probably laugh at. We go to Myrtle Beach along the South Carolina coast during the summer and I met a Canadian once who said that is where he went in the winter for a vacation cause it was still so warm there. He was just tickled at what we thought was cold. I have to admit it, I don’t do cold temps well at all. It is very rainy here, I just put another log on the fire.

- Letter above to the Cowgirl from an American photo collector, SC Stump in Virginia, November 15th, 2006

A big howdy from down in sunny Southern California! Will put some sunshine in a bucket and send it up your way, as a warm thank you for sharing the trail ride with this southwestern cowgirl, who's missing all her horses from days past. Keep on sittin' tall in the saddle and give your pony a big red apple from me.

With all best wishes, the ponypainter.

- Letter above to the Cowgirl from an ebay seller and fine artist from the land of the free & the home of the brave.



Hi Cowgirl & banjoman,

My father was a Chief Petty Officer, RCNVR from 1940 - 45. He was an Ordnance Artificer and served on a Canadian destroyer from when she was commissioned in 1944 until she returned to Halifax at the end of the war.

Earlier he had been at Naden and Prince Rupert. He remembered with pride the day that King George VI came aboard his ship and inspected the crew. He had many vivid memories of D-Day, operations on the Norwegian coast and the convoys to Murmansk, Russia. His two brothers, my uncles, served in the Canadian Army.

On my maternal side, my Grandfather was a Captain in the British Army during WW1 and won the MC. His brother was a Lt. Col. and won the MC and Bar serving in the same regiment. My paternal great uncle was a Capt. in the CEF during WW1 and served from 1914 to 1919 having gone over with the First Contingent.

So as you can see my interest in things military comes naturally. As you say, we all have to do our bit to see that our traditions are kept alive. I donated framed photos of the Queen and Prince consort to our local elementary school when our children attended. It was only then that I had noticed that sometime between the 60's and the 80's that Her Majesty's portrait had disappeared from the school. It took a year of constant reminders from me to see that our post office replaced the dated portrait of the Queen that disappeared after the last redecoration there, with a new one. I keep a portrait of the Queen with Canadian flag attached on my office wall where all who enter can't miss it.

The high point of my own brief service in the Reserve Forces was when I carried the Queen's colour of the regiment after we were granted the freedom of the city. Those are the moments when one feels the pride of being a small part of traditions that have carried through the centuries and link us to those whose service and sacrifices have given us the freedoms we enjoy today.

Cheers, A Loyal Ontarian

- Letter above is from an Ontario Royalist, the very first deputized and official member of the Cowgirl's Posse.

Enclosed you will find my payment for the two small cowboy tintypes. Wishing you & yours GOOD MEDICINE.

- Letter above is to the Cowgirl from George F. Kush of Monarch, Alberta, Canada.

Hello Cowgirl and Banjoman:
I love my photograph. Funny thing but this cowgirl has a real thing for men in clown suits...Anyway I would like to tell my websight viewers and students about your site. So how did you get started? What about these does one do that? I was raised on the Bar U... a real cowgirl from Alberta now in Colorado. I have some wonderful old photos, plus one of John Ware who worked on the Bar U. I get so homesick for Canada....would love to correspond with you... cheers... Judith Baker Montano

Letter above is to the Cowgirl from an expatriate Canadian Living in Colorado

*a special thanks to those who have invested in Cowgirl Futures:

thank you Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, New York, Maine,
Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kansas,
California, Colorado, Washington State, Texas, Arizona, Alberta, Gabriola Island,
Toronto, Montreal & Amherstburg... Hello Houston, we have lift off!

Watch for the Cowgirl comin' out of chute #5.